Our Story

Image of Sauna Boat LEO in summer

Sauna Boats Telemark is founded by Carl Magnus and Nora Sjögren Johre. We have Telemark in our hearts even if only half of us are from Telemark originally :) 

We married in Skafså Church in Dalen, we had our wedding party at Dalen Hotel and live in beautiful Skien. 

The story of Sauna Boats Telemark started when my wife founded a company with focus on rentals of 100% electrical canal boats across the Telemark canal and coastline. When discussing this idea we started dreaming of beeing able to offer a Sauna experience as well. So when we got the chance to buy our little Saunaboat "LEO" (who has a great little story for himself) we didn't have to think twice. 

The Story of "LEO" the famous Suana Boat

In August 2018 the Swedish TV star Ernst Kirchsteiger presented our Sauna boat in his show "Summer with Ernst". click here >>

In the show, Ernst designs the very same boat that now is located here in Skien Bakkestranda. 

Hope you get a chance to test it yourself!



Heart Health

People who spend more time in Sauna were shown to have up to 63% lower risk of deaths related to heart disease

Better Skin

Deep sweating in a Sauna cleanses pores and improves capillary circulation.

Sauna Benefits Muscle recovery

Muscle Recovery

Sauna increase circulation, keeping muscles clear of metabolic byproducts and open to al the nutrients they need. It's also been shown to increase levels of growth hormone - an important part of muscle repair and healthy weight maintenance.

Sauna Benefits - Heart Health
Sauna Benefits Better skin

 People who are lonely or disconnected are at even greater risk for death than people who smoke cigarettes! The community aspect of Sauna is truly one of the most powerful tools to stay healthy all year long.

Increased Stress resiliency

Sauna Benefits Pain relief

 Sauna induces the release of many anti-inflammatory compounds, and results in temporary pain relief and increased mobility in people with arthritis.

In addition to increased growth hormone, spending time in a Sauna improves insulin sensitivity and decreases the rate at which muscles are broken down for energy.

Sauna Benefits Social Health

Pain Relief

Sauna Benefits Increased stress resiliency
Sauna Benefits Improved Immunity

Deeper Sleep

Sauna Benefits Deeper Sleep

Sauna use is connected to deeper relaxation and relief from chronic tension.

Hormone Regulation & Lean Muscle preservation

Sauna Benefits Hormone Regulation and Lean muscle preservation

Intermittent hyperthermia provides a controlled environmental stressor that promotes resistance to stress.

Alternating between hot and cold during Sauna regulates the autonomic nervous system, promoting oxygen delivery to cells and efficient function of all the internal organs.

Sauna benefits Your inner fire

Inner Fire

Social Health

Improved Immunity

Sauna increases white blood cells and reduces the chances of cathing cold or flu by 30%